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About Ker-twang

Ker-twang is a social innovation consultancy that works with governments, researchers and publicly-minded organizations on systems challenges.

Founded in 2013, we create services and systems that solve complex problems and improve people’s lives.

We draw on a range of disciplines, from research and analysis to strategy and technology, to bring ideas to life. We use qualitative, participatory methods like human-centered design to understand the perspectives of the people we're building services for. Services we have helped build are used by millions of people around the world.

  • Systems Thinking

    We're pragmatic about barriers to change and help galvanize stakeholders to solve systemic challenges.

  • Effective Communication

    We use communication science to craft clear, engaging messaging that gets results.

  • Behavior Change

    We use participatory research and human-centered design to understand the complex and sometimes hidden factors that drive behavior.

  • Technology Development

    We work with our network of specialists to prototype and scale high-quality offerings.

Our team

By keeping our team small, we ensure that clients benefit from senior-level decision-making at all touchpoints of a project. We work with a network of researchers, technologists and designers based on the needs of each project.

For new projects or media requests, please contact one of our partners below.

Harris Lavine

Harris Levine
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Harris Lavine

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Harris Lavine

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